Cosmetic dentistry

Having a smile you are proud of can give you a wealth of self confidence and improve your self esteem. At Dentowise we have been helping our patients achieve a beautiful smile for over 50 years.

If you aren’t happy with your smile, now is the time to do something about it. Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of areas that can help give you the beautiful smile that you have always wanted or even give your smile a revamp and get it back to what it was a few years ago.

Over time your teeth can get stained from drinks, food and age. A trip to the dentist to get a teeth whitening procedure may be all you need.

If you have some teeth that need a little bit more love and care, dental veneers may be the option that can improve your smile.

We have also seen adults that have used orthodontics as an option to give themselves that smile that they have always wanted. With developments in the dental industry there are many options that are now available to you.

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures that may help you attain the smile you have always wanted are:

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