Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a custom made cap that completely covers the tooth. They are used to strengthen teeth that are damaged, heavily filled, have cracks, or have the root filled and are also used to improve the appearance of teeth.

Times when dental crowns are recommended include:

• Attach a dental bridge
• Strengthen a weakened tooth that may be damaged. heavily filled or have cracks
• Cover a discoloured tooth
• Cover a tooth that has had root canal therapy
• Replace a filling when there isn’t enough of the tooth left to work with

Part of the preparation work done for crowns involves removing of a large part of the tooth structure. This is to allow for the crown/cap to be placed on the tooth stump. As there is a large part of the tooth removed, dental crowns should only ever be used when a dentist has evaluated that the crown will outweigh the disadvantage of removing healthy parts of the tooth.

In most cases it will take a few visits to the dentist will be needed to have a dental crown done. The first visit will be to do the initial examination, taking x-rays and getting tooth impressions. The second visit will usually consist of getting the tooth prepared for the crown and if needed take any further impressions. A temporary crown may be placed over the tooth to protect until the next appointment. At the third and usually final visit the crown is placed and any further adjustments are made.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges, also referred to as a fixed partial denture are used to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth by permanently inserting a prosthetic tooth or teeth in between two teeth or two dental implants.

There are different types of bridges, different ways to fabricate them, and different anchor methods. Applications depend on the extent of tooth decay/destruction, location of the work to be done and the condition of the neighbouring teeth.

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