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Unfortunately there are times when some of us need to have an emergency dental appointment. It may be that you have cracked a tooth while eating, chipped a tooth while playing sport or even worse knocked a tooth out, a toothache has started, or any number of situations. This is when you need a dentist who not only has expertise but also has the compassion to instill in their staff that they should always do their utmost to fit in patients that have an emergency dental need.

Most dentists listed on this site are able to schedule in a time for emergency dental work.

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Here are some tips of what you should do if you are suffering from a dental emergency.

What to do if your tooth is knocked out

Find the tooth and pick it up by the crown (the part that you can see in your mouth) and do not touch the root of the tooth.

If the tooth needs to be cleaned get the patient to suck the tooth clean. If the patient isn’t in the state of mind to do that you can rinse the tooth with milk. If no milk is available you can use water very briefly, for only 1 to 2 seconds.

Once it is clean, if possible you should place the tooth back in the socket of which is was knocked out of (ensure that it is facing the right way). Once the tooth is in place you can use aluminium foil (mould it around the tooth) to help hold the tooth in place and stabilise it. You can also get the patient to gently bite on a soft piece of cloth. This is the best way to transport it.

If you aren’t able to replant the tooth, you can place it in the mouth of the patient between their cheek and gum. If that isn’t possible place it in a cup with some milk, seal it in a plastic bag or wrap it in some cling wrap. You want to keep the tooth moist and stop it from drying out.

Time is critical. You want the tooth to be replanted within 30 minutes of it being knocked out. The longer the tooth is out of the socket and is exposed to the air the less chance there is of having a successful replant.

If the tooth isn’t knocked out completely and there is still some of the tooth in the socket, do not touch it. Get yourself to your dentist or even go to a hospital with an emergency department to get assistance.

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Toothache / Tooth Pain

Toothache and tooth pain can come from a variety of sources of which include leaking fillings, a hole in your tooth, exposed nerves in the tooth and infected nerves. If you are suffering from any pain you should book an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

To reduce the pain you can use aspirin or a paracetamol product. You should always check with your doctor before taking medication.

Facial swelling

Swelling in the face can occur when you have an infection. It is best that you book an appointment with your doctor or dentist as soon as possible to diagnose the reason for it. You may have an infected tooth that may need to be extracted or there may be another reason for the swelling.

Broken tooth, lost filling, broken crown

These are all situations that can cause distress and pain.

If you have a broken tooth, book in to see a dentist as soon as possible. Be wary of overly hard food and also try to avoid food that breaks down easily as it may get lodged in the tooth. Try to keep the area as clean as possible. You can try to gently brush the area if it isn’t too painful.

If one of your fillings becomes dislodged you should once again try and keep the area as clean as possible. Book yourself in to see your dentist and they can give you a new filling.

If you have a broken crown, do not put it back on as you may put it on the wrong way, it may be put on insecurely and could be later swallowed or even worse inhaled. Put the crown in a tissue, or some plastic wrap and do your best not to touch it too much as this will lessen the chance of contaminating it.

To find a dentist in your area that can assist you with a dental emergency click here.


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